Thursday, March 31, 2011

CHAPTER 6: Pasta Dishes and a Story about Eating in Rome

In the summer of 2008, we spent a week in Rome with our son and daughter-in-law, Franz and Michelle. We stayed in a wonderful apartment which gently shimmied every time the subway went underneath the building. It didn't bother us much because we were mostly out eating. Everything, of course, but a lot of fantastic pasta which spurred me to try a number of wonderful pasta dishes when we returned home. You'll find six of them in the recipes below.

Franz and Michelle who know the San Francisco food scene had talked to their savvy friends about eating in Rome and came equipped with a thirty page document of recommendations. Oh my, how to choose?

As the week drew to a close, they started double dining--two lunches and two dinners a day. Katherine and I cheered them on but declined to join them. One dinner and one lunch was more than enough for us. A great time and fabulous food.

Beautiful markets too.

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